JFK to 9/11 – Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick (High Quality) Full Documentary

JFK to 9/11 – Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick (High Quality) Full Documentary

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What do Hitler, the Nazi Regime, the Royal Family, the Italian Mafia, former US President John F. Kennedy, and the unforgettable events of 9/11 have in common? A shadow Government consisting of the world’s wealthiest ruling class harlots and hideous men.

This documentary travels back in time to the days of Adolf Hitler, explores the indirect link to the Nazi Regime and Kennedy’s assassination, to the modern day terrorist events of 9/11. We learn how a shadow Government pushed to instigate wars that would fill the pockets of the world’s elitist 1%. A time when Hitler was merely a puppet used to carry out the dirty deeds of some of the world’s dirtiest men. Uncovered is the way the entire world was fooled into thinking that the allies won the war against the Nazis, when really the Illuminati, the 1%, were the ones who really won because they were playing both sides of the war.

But, what does the Mafia have to do with JFK? Well, in this film it’s revealed that good ole’ JFK was trying to get the USA out of the dirty hands of the Mafia – who at the time were basically running the CIA, FBI, and other agencies behind the scenes. Like something from a work of fiction, an elaborate plot to assassinate the President, planned by high ranking members of the FBI, CIA, Chief of Staff, Mafia, and of course the wealthiest Dallas oilmen, is revealed, with footage and eye witness reports.

We learn the true story of Lee Harvey Oswald and how he was framed as the “fall man” in the Kennedy assassination, and the eventual suspicious murders of the entire dream team of professional killers responsible for the President’s death, including Oswald’s death. Names like J. Edgar Hoover, George H. Bush, Sam Giancana, and The Skull & Bones Society are merely the tip of the iceberg in characters responsible for the Kennedy assassination.

Eventually, the documentary fast forwards to a time not so long ago: September 11th, 2001. Uncovered is the United State’s bloody history in waging false flag operations to maintain a state of war – after all, we learn that war is a lucrative business. This gripping film reveals the scary truth that the motives and players involved in 9/11 are no different from those of past historical events like the ‘Bay of Pigs’ and the ‘Vietnam Invasion.’

If you can stomach the cold, hard truth behind the bloody connections of Auschwitz, the Italian mob, JFK and 9/11, then this documentary, JFK to 9/11: Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick, is just the film for you. Hold on, you’re in for a long, blood-curdling ride!

Writer: Francis Richard Conolly (as Francis R Conolly).


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