✈️#911Truth Part 19: Feature Series: IRREFUTABLE: Free-Energy Technology Revealed to the World

✈️#911Truth Part 19: Feature Series: IRREFUTABLE: Free-Energy Technology Revealed to the World

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In #911Truth Part 19 I have combined and uploaded the epic 9/11 video series by Adam Dwyer titled: IRREFUTABLE: Classified Free-Energy Technology Revealed to the World. Adam is an engineer that, after discovering the world of Dr. Judy Wood and the truth of 9/11, took it upon himself to produce a 6+ episode series that captures the enormous magnitude of the events that conspired on September 11, 2001. From giant steel structures turning into dust before our very eyes to a giant hurricane being manufactured, wrapping our minds around 9/11 requires questioning the very fabric of our reality…

Finally, since it was only fitting to do so, I have also included at the end the music video by Charlie Pound titled: Wake Up This is Your Alarm!

Each individual episode is listed below along with the timestamps in the video, and links to the original videos:

1. @ 0:00 - Episode 0: Overview
2. @ 8:22 - Episode 1: Missing Rubble
3. @ 20:14 - Episode 2: Dr. Judy Wood
4. @ 25:12 - Episode 3: Dustification
5. @ 36:56 - Episode 4: The Big Picture
6. @ 43:56 - Episode 5: The Book
7. @ 48:34 - Episode 6.1: Discovery of Hurricane Erin
8. @ 49:18 - Episode 6.5: Geraldo Rivera Celebrates 40 Years of Hurricane Coverage
9. @ 50:58 - Episode 6: Hurricane Erin – Pt. 1 Manufactured Storm
10 @ 1:05:52 - Music Video: Wake Up This is Your Alarm! by Charlie Pound

Adam Dwyer’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/irrefutabletv

The links to Adam Dwyer’s original videos, social media channels, websites, donations, and shop are available on the corresponding Hive post: https://peakd.com/hive-113182/@mes/911truth-part-19-irrefutable-classified-free-energy-technology-revealed-to-the-world

Stay tuned for #911Truth Part 20...

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