Lost History Of Earth 2:3 (EwarAnon) LHFE 2:3

Lost History Of Earth 2:3 (EwarAnon) LHFE 2:3

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FROM EWAR: "Not all of history is a complete fiction.

The first episode of many (hopefully) in which I begin to introduce some nuance and begin to “tear it down.” My summary of timeframes, eras etc in this episode are simplified for viewing purposes but my plan is to introduce more and more complexity as we go. I don’t think I will ever be able to do justice to just how complex this all is but my goal is to try and make others see, and hopefully re-evaluate, just how naive and bad some theories that have been circulating and regarded as “truth” actually are. My overall message with this volume if I manage to get it finished is to not disregard the complexity surrounding the lie.

One way of getting a good sense of the complexity is to ask the following questions:

Was the first millennium/”dark-phantom” ages a complete forgery or very successfully buried?

Was the renaissance a rebirth or actually a naissance? What is the difference between the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire?

The work of Anatoly Fomenko and Gunnar Heinsohn is essential when looking for answers to these questions.

And finally some recommendations. Sasyexa of Stolen History recently put together a fantastic translation of a transcript by Alexey Khrustalyov, which argues that France (and Europe) could have been Biblical Israel and the location for the events described in the New Testament. It comes with a striking amount of evidence and connections. The dating of the events in my view is pure theory and proposes that the events actually took place in the late medieval period. But what if the dark ages are not a phantom insertion, like many revisionists suggest, but were successfully buried/erased? Link to transcript below. Well worth a read, really interesting.


You may also wonder when this series will mention the beloved “T-word.” It will come but, like I said, the matter is complex and Tartaria is not the answer. It’s worth reading Dreamtime’s great and succinct summary on the matter here:


If you haven’t already - check Stolen History’s youtube channel out here:


Channel is not monetised, these are free and I’m happy for reuploads, copy and pasting whatever is here. Just no selling or DVDs.

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