Retired HEAD OF  FBI Tells ALL Illuminati Satanism Pedophile Rings Ted Gunderson

Retired HEAD OF FBI Tells ALL Illuminati Satanism Pedophile Rings Ted Gunderson

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CONSPIRACYCONFERENCES.COMMustaine talks about death metal music, casting hexes and blood pacts. Watch the full episode here: overview of Satanism, Dark Doctrine and Left Hand Path.

Church of Satan:

Dark Doctrine:

Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path:

Some quotes in the closing statements are taken from "Satanism: The Feared Religion" by Peter H. Gilmore: VIEWS!!! thanks for watching bitches hahaha j k

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Anton LaVey, founder of LaVeyan Satanism speaks on his religion, Why it began, why people join, and more.

Anton LaVey founded his religion, and the first legitimate Church Of Satan in 1966. After LaVey, the church has had many leaders and has gone under just as many changes. Since the 90's to the present The Church Of Satan has been expanding worldwide by the internet. Here is the website link:

"Lies Are The Easiest Of Words To Believe"
- Confucius.

The bible is just a big book of lies and stories to get people on the side of "good" and "righteousness" Yet the Christian Church has caused more death than all the modern wars put together....that includes Hitlers Holocaust.
In the past the Christian Church has killed people for simply questioning the Church, they labeled people as heretics or blasphemers and that was it, they were put to death.

I don't believe anything the Christian religion says, maybe you Christians should look into your own religions history. You don't see that hypocrisy and corruption that I do...You also should look up Evolution. hahaha

If your tired of the christian church telling you whats wrong and whats right, or all the other bullshit the Christian church is telling you, or your just fed up with saying one thing and practicing another. Look into LaVeyanism.

The C.O.S. teachings have laid claim to philosophical ideas such as individualism, self-indulgence, and an "Eye for an Eye" morality.This is a collection of quotes from Aleister Crowley showing the importance that "The Devil," "Satan," or "Lucifer" did indeed have in his religious system of Thelema. Although Crowley did not use the term "Satanism" when describing his religion, it is obvious from his writings that he did in fact consider Aiwaz, the spirit who dictated The Book of the Law to him in 1904, to be one and the same as Satan, the Devil of Christendom, albeit obviously not in the same theological sense of Him being the source of "Evil" or a rebel Angel against "God." Instead, to Crowley, it almost seems that Satan is "God."
This is not an attempt at saying Aleister Crowley was any sort of murderer or criminal, and is not an attack on Crowley nor on Satanism. On the contrary, this list of quotes is simply here to affirm that Crowley was much more of a "Satanist" than many occultists would care to admit. As Hymanaeus Beta, Frater Superior of the O.T.O. rightly pointed out: "If he was a 'Satanist,' which most of his students would dispute, it was on his own terms."
To read the .PDF version: you are a satanist, wiccan, levayen satanist, or you just REALLY like incense, swords, chalices, herbs, and candles, then THIS is the place for you.

This store is called sphinx, it is located in Wisconsin.

if you are not familiar with Satanism here is a link for your fancy:

NOTE: I am not pressuring my religion on anyone, it is only if you are curious.
Also, this satanism NEVER DOES stereotypical things like:
*Eat babies
*commit blood sacrifices
*make people eat sperm
*Force evil beings inside of people etc.

all that gross nonsense is not in our religion at all. So feel free to keep an open mind :)The Gauteng Department of Education has declared war on Sata


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