Conspiracy? Our [Aryan] subverted history - part 1

Conspiracy? Our [Aryan] subverted history - part 1

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2 years
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3/10/2019 - all the videos except for one on Asha Logos were just deleted by EVIL YouTube man-haters. YOU MUST NOT KNOW TRUE WHITE HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Download before it disappears - is getting rid of truth books, one by one, account by account. It won't import into my website - some books just don't.
Book: Race Life of the Aryan Peoples - Volume One
Book: Race Life of the Aryan Peoples - Volume Two
From TL via email: This is perhaps the best film I have seen summarizing the true history of the Aryan race and its historical provenance of essentially all historical civilizations including the Chinese. It starts off with a political critique of the attempt to erase our own history and specifically how it has been co-opted and changed to our detriment over the past 100 years by the dark forces in their attempt to exterminate us as a people. As Orwell said: "The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their appreciation of their history".

One very interesting and pertinent comment made by this author is that the modern definition of "racism" is the denial of the natural law of human inequality. In other words, if you don't believe you are equal to an Australian Bushman, you are a racist. you don't have to want to enslave anyone. Just disbelieve that one axiom and you're a racist.

He is also critical of semi-system darlings like Graham Hancock and Brian Forester who, although they deal with non system historical truths, they never get in to the concept of race as a driving force behind these early civilizations. TL


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