Blackholes and Nassholes

Blackholes and Nassholes

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3 years
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Sounding off on Transformers, Jet rockets, earthquakes, latitudes of earth, launch air, and some bonus Space Shuttle fakery.

UAP (as conferred by my subs) stands for Underrated Actual Physicist. I’m Orthodox and technologically inclined, but my focus is rebellious in nature... it usually lines up with the orthodox knowledge of Church Fathers, and the Ancients by way of the scientific method-

-and yes, that may be revolutionary.

What does this UAP think he’s doing on YouTube?

I’m making videos at a rate of about one per day, to defend God’s Word, remediate botched news and science lessons, entertaining while enlightening, or just pushing the envelope by sharing my thoughts and time about any subject that is fascinating, extraordinary, uncommonly known but very useful, and true, I demand answers about stuff misrepresented by popular science by researching it and spewing forth wild conjecture that ends up being correct more often than I expect.

My analysis includes humor, but is serious about finding the observable+ repeatable+ reproducible data that IS fact, especially when the Bible has given us the right direction, inspiration, and corroborating testimonials.

Even more when these Orthodox ideas have been systematically contradicted and suppressed only by widespread belief in popularly conjectured hypotheses. These things are my targets of opportunity.

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Materials used are chosen sources for reporting the best in research from around the world as UAP deigns to question the narratives of science by consensus. When it comes to “the givens” of our increasingly misguided teachings of science, I reject the premise!

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►The Truth About the Stars and Flat Earth

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Help me translate!

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Transformers G1
Published YT vid. Rockets exist
Space shuttle launch
Earthquake map

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UAP Channel presents more divine knowledge in pursuit of whatever is true but uncommon, with a little humor and music, great science, good sense, and a little non-sense.

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