Caught Faking Space - Early Celebration When SpaceX Thinks They Got Away With It on Dec. 22 2017

Caught Faking Space - Early Celebration When SpaceX Thinks They Got Away With It on Dec. 22 2017

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Escape from L.A. - shouldn’t be too hard for the SpaceX Falcon 9. It dumps 10 satellites successfully on 22nd December 2017 into fake space in pretend orbit, if we believe what we’re told by SpaceX themselves, and the USAF who are also filthy liars. It’s fraud. It is chicanery.

Elon Musk is a dirty, filthy liar. I do not believe him. At dusk on 22 DEC. 2017 a rocket with 9 booster engines busts to pieces over LA before thousands of cameras. People somehow don’t know that the streak trail coming from Vandenberg AFB is the Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket!

SpaceX seems unaware as they declare success anyway. They say the rocket is over Africa doling out satellites for air traffic control - yeah right. They steal our tax money to defraud us. We pay for images to trick us. They cannot go to space. Space is fake.

But they pretend to travel into orbits which are impossible. They plan and carry out elaborate hoaxes. From phony school massacres to satellite launches, they hide the facts and report the lies. They try to make it seem like people can’t be trusted with guns or freedom. They try to make t seem like the Bible isn’t true and that what the Bible says about creation, the flat Earth, and the dome firmament above simply never could have happened and this is scientifically verifiable by fake space.

The Earth is not a globe. Outer space is a hoax. Nothing orbits. Space satellites are a hoax.

Do you know why I say that I don’t believe them? Because fake space is ridiculous to begin with, and only ever has been animated. Yet, it has never been so obviously faked as this time, December 22, 2017, at dusk in Los Angeles, when their balloon rocket goes off course from Vandenberg AFB and busts into pieces at around 20,000 ft. altitude over L.A.

SpaceX audaciously declares success during a live webcast, as the filthy liars show phony clips of how it is circling the CGI globe at impossible speeds and altitude, deploying foil-wrapped toy floating satellites that nobody actually ever uses. It has phony telemetry data saying it is hundreds of kilometers high, going tens of thousands of km/hr. They cut to a scene of a pool by accident, where they filmed the fake satellites floating up along with some bubbles as they were “successfully deployed”. Oops.

If this doesn’t seal the deal, then it is hopeless that the fairy tale will always be believed by everyone. They fake space. They pretend. The local news is in on it. The national news is in on it. The Air Force is in on it. The FBI is in on it. They are all charlatans. They lie to your face and laugh at you.

UAP Channel is in hot pursuit of whatever is true but uncommon, with a little humor, great science, and zero fantasy belief in outer space. UAP defends God’s Word from deceivers who try to make it seem like the Bible is untrue, allegorical, myth, or outdated. The Bible proves out as confirmed true most of the time it is honestly tested, plausible some times, possible the rest of the time. Not so regarding the Godless CGI cosmos.


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