Satellite Myth Popped For Good It is OVER

Satellite Myth Popped For Good It is OVER

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3 years
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UAP is making videos critical of dishonest science.

UAP also makes videos showing true science, like the true nature of satellites, as in hanging-from-balloons, and I’ve got President Eisenhower backing me up on this one. Just watch.

UAP stands for Underrated Actual Physicist. I’m making videos at a rate of about once per day, about anything that is fascinating and not mundane, orthodox knowledge from the ancients that is now revolutionary.
UAP deigns to question the narratives of science by consensus. When it comes to “the givens” of our increasingly misguided teachings of science, I reject the premise.

Truth needn’t be prosaic, let me use humor, music, and poetry to challenge the stuffy science pawned off using crafty methods

Love my videos? Hate the insincerity of NASA? This channel can make a difference among the thousands out there. If I get to 3,000 Patrons on Patreon, I'll be the only one with a substantial budget truthfully examining science with honest criticism.

Contact me at

Something else besides- check out my “B-sides” on my other channel and that is “UAP Channel” on Youtube

UAP Channel presents more divine knowledge in pursuit of whatever is true but uncommon, with a little humor and music, great science, good sense, and a little non-sense.


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